Fish skin

There is a lot of waste in the agri-food industry, including fish skin that is not reused.
Yet the fish can be tanned and become a soft and aesthetic leather, however this tanning is complex to achieve and can be very polluting.
As a designer, I wanted to create a collection of patterns for clothing from the skin itself.
The skin is dried several months in salt, and then printed on paper, and then etched on fabrics.
Print, engrave, are techniques that can bring a memory to an object. The skin was so far worthless, without memory.

Diverse experiments 10 x 30 cm, prints from the real skin of fish.

Typographic ink and embossing on paper and velvet textile, 2017.

iconographic research notebook and concept. Test settings for engraving on fabrics.

laser engraving on textile.


Capture d_écran 2018-01-28 à 13.46.36




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